Hello world!

Melchor Sanchez-Martinez
21 April 2021

I just finished (well… created, because right now it is under construction) my personal webpage!!. I had the idea of making a personal webpage since time ago.

Around one year ago I started a WordPress that never went public. However recently I found a Github repo from Benjamin Barad (bbarad.github.io) that easily allow you to create your own webpage, using Github pages, making a fork from his repo. He even give you instruction about how to do it. In a really few time my webpage was ready. Thank you Benjamin!

Well, I wanted to have a place where I would be able to have personal information, who I am, what I am doing, scientific publications, etc, as well as share information that I found interesting and/or useful, mainly related to science and the biotech/pharma ecosystem. Now that I have it, I hope to keep it updated and specially be able to maintain the blog section alive with periodic posts!